Why choose EcoR1?

EcoR1 Capital Fund, L.P. is forging a new path in the art of investing in science. A leading fundamental long/short equity hedge fund, EcoR1 Capital Fund specializes in finding rewarding opportunities others may not see and identifying compelling long-term investments in the biotech sector. With a vigilant focus on the business case and a discerning eye for the highest quality science, EcoR1 Capital LLC (the Fund’s General Partner) conducts a detailed assessment of the financial and scientific viability of each investment before it is selected. All investments are evaluated based on their intrinsic value, their ability to meet real market needs, their financial stability, and their management team and talent base. Like the EcoR1 restriction enzyme which helped to transform biomedical research, the EcoR1 hedge fund seeks to help move medical research forward through its investments, while delivering superior returns for its investors with acceptable downside risk.

Our Approach

Our approach

It is easy for an investor to be distracted by trends and the “wow factor” in the biotech industry instead of exhaustively assessing the financial and scientific fundamentals of a company that will make a good long-term investment. EcoR1 believes that investing in biotech is an art that requires fluency in both business and science, as well as sophisticasted translational skills to connect the two worlds. EcoR1 has a unique approach to identifying assets and avoiding liabilities based on our knowledge of what ingredients make a rewarding, long-term biotech investment. This includes:

Focus on Relationships

We nurture long-term relationships, which gives us insight into a company’s scientific merit and expertise. This often translates into a privileged position during pivotal investment moments.

An Eye for Potential

We are happiest when we find rewarding opportunities others have not seen, or recognize risk in an opportunity that others perceive as a certainty.

Deep Due Diligence

We start with a deep assessment of financial scientific viability, and evaluate each potential company on intrinsic value, market needs, financial stability and talent of each of our companies.

World-Class Experience

EcoR1 works with an extensive network of scientists and analysts to review all aspects of a potential investment. Our team also provides coaching to create companies that are capable of realizing their full potential.